Once upon a time, there were three people who whole-heartedly loved scavenger games! But alas, they could not meet up every day to go on a scavenger hunt, so they teamed up and created an app that would allow them to do it on an everyday basis with their dearest friends, no matter where in the world they may are! Here are the creators behind Hunting For Treasure!


The creator of the idea for an application and the mastermind behind our puzzles is Dennis Case! His passions are IT, programming, and of course solving puzzles and mysteries!

There are always the boring parts that someone has to deal with such as administration and paperwork, marketing and PR. Oswald Brownis our guy for all that as he is the most responsible person of this merry bunch.

The visuals have been left with Peter Yeats to deal with. Amazing with pencil and pen, just as much as he is with 3D modeling and drawing, the visuals are purely his brain-children.