There are many ways in which you can play our scavenger hunting app, but when it comes to network management – we have some ideas that you might use! Read this article and find out more about all the ways in which you can set your network that will allow you to play this app in a better way.

No Wi-Fi Connection

No WiFi ConnectionIf you happen to use our app without a wi-fi connection, that does not mean that the pleasure of using the app will be denied to you. But rather your moves in the game will be saved and uploaded the next time you happen to connect to a network. Your friends will not see your activity until you connect again, but all your moves will be saved. In addition to that, you will only see the maps you have discovered so far, and the next time you go online, new maps will be downloaded.

Single Player

If you are playing against CPU, then no network is needed. However, to experience the ultimate experience of playing our game and using our app, you should use it while connected to a wi-fi or while having an internet connection. Even though we have devised the app in such a way that you will be able to enjoy it even without a wi-fi connection, we must add that you will miss out on the ultimate experience of playing with your friends and other players.

What Did The Creators Have In Mind?

App-CreatorsWhen creating this app, the creators had in mind that people not just want to connect with their friends and acquaintances and enjoy mutual correspondence, but that they also want to have fun. It is why the app should be used online with friends, for the best experience. When creating this game, the idea behind it was to connect people just like any other social media, but also give them something that they will be able to talk about and try to achieve a goal together. It is why it is for the best that the app is used with a wi-fi service. As the creators were also aware that wi-fi service sometimes might remain out of your reach, they have also come up with a solution of offline player mode, but you should know that you will not experience the best aspects of the game when playing in such a way.

How Would You Improve The Game?

We look forward to your feedback! You can tell us what you like and dislike about our app, and give us your ideas on how to change it! We can make this app to your liking, so help us do it by commenting and writing us!